Wedding Photographer in Co. Kerry

Wedding photographer Kerry

I will photograph your day with honesty and very little fuss or formality. There will be small but significant moments that you may not have the chance to notice but I will, leaving you with creative images of you and your guests connecting joyfully on your wedding day.

Why You'll Love Your Wedding Photos

First and foremost, I listen to your priorities, your fears and what your family means to you so that we can put a plan in place long before your wedding. This allows me to photograph your day in the most genuine way because I already understand you as individuals and as a couple. You will also know what to expect from me so that there are no unwelcome surprises.

Every photographer has their own strengths, mine is having a keen awareness of the interactions that matter; they are subtle, but precious. This may be the only time all your friends and family are together in one place, so I make it a priority to photograph the glances, embraces and smiles of those that matter most to you...even the shy ones. And I do so in the most polite, unobtrusive way possible.

The resulting images reflect exactly how you experienced the ceremony, your guests, your families, the reception, speeches and first dance. These images are combined in a book that marks how your lives have been so far and the beginning of your future. For some inspiration, view a complete wedding photographed by me HERE and browse over my extensive collection of wedding images HERE.

Types of Weddings I Shoot

Along with traditional ceremonies, I enjoy photographing Humanist ceremonies and same sex weddings. From dressing to dinner and dancing, I will put your story to print and give you an album you'll never want to stow away. Having a gay wedding in Ireland? Click HERE for some information.

Want to meet?

I would love to hear your story (if you're not tired of telling it by now) and find out all about what matters to you when it comes to your wedding photos. Let's schedule a time to meet!