Portrait Photographer for Families & Individuals

Your family is growing up fast and you've been meaning to document those cute baby faces before they disappear, but life keeps getting in the way. As a mother, I realise that we never get those fleeting milestones back. That's why I am here to make sure they become more than distant memories.

Even though life can be so unglamorously hectic sometimes as you change yet another nappy in a rush to get out the door on time, your family portraits will not reflect those times.

With me behind the camera, every picture will reflect the perfection that is your child’s face and the smile that relieves the pressures of your day. And you, as a parent, will be photographed in such a way that you look like you’ve had 12 hours uninterrupted sleep!

Then, when you’ve had a tough day, you will glance at your framed portraits and remember what your life is really all about.

More Portrait Ideas

While I love photographing babies, children, seniors and families, I am also passionate about other types of portrait sessions:

Grandparents With Their Grandchildren

There is a special bond that grandmothers and grandfathers have with the little ones that come through the photos I take. When children are fortunate enough to have their grandparents in their lives, it's a precious gift. I document it so you're kids will never forget.

On Location Family Events

Communions and confirmations to parties, graduations and other religious ceremonies are the perfect opportunity to get a snapshot of your family celebrating and looking their best. 

Families Visiting for Holidays

What family visiting from America, Australia, UK and Canada wouldn't like to use the rugged Irish landscape of Kerry as the backdrop for family pictures and as a memento of their trip to Ireland?


I am fortunate to meet the most lovely women who have reared their children and want to discover themselves as individuals again. Glamour shots re-affirm their strength, beauty and all they have achieved. If you are lucky enough to be finding your freedom again. Do something new, exciting and totally nerve-wrecking..like a glamour portrait session… it may just give you the confidence to explore new avenues in your life that were previously sacrificed for other people's needs.

Want to chat?

I would love to chat with you about your upcoming event or milestone and see how I can help you document it for lifetimes. Contact me to schedule a time to talk by phone.