Same Sex Wedding Photographer in Co. Kerry

Here's why I love photographing gay weddings

My gay couples are beyond happy they have the right to marry and are legally recognised here in Ireland. They don't take that right for granted and are not afraid to show their joy by the bucket load! There is no holding back. That is something that makes me very happy both as a Photographer and fellow human to witness.

My gay brides and grooms have been bursting at the seams to be fully themselves particularly in the company of all extended family members. There may be uncertainty around aunts and uncles reactions to the ceremony but I, sure as the stars, want to be there, to photograph their congratulatory embrace afterwards. I once overheard the words of an uncle Priest saying to his gay niece "your wedding is the most meaningful ceremony I have ever been at".

Gay wedding couples do not have to bow to "must-haves" at their weddings. They are re-inventing how weddings are done as a true reflection of themselves. There is no pressure to have a white dress or any dress at all. My couples always get ready together before the ceremony. With no bridesmaids or groomsmen to look after, they are always at ease with each other and completely relaxed walking up the aisle.

Often times friends will make speeches about their newly married gay friends. They know them best, with hilarious stories and a short profound sentence that leaves the couple in no doubt, they are truly accepted and loved. Can you imagine the beautiful photographs that are created from this!

Watch the boys getting married here... If you can't see the video below, click on this link instead


Watch the girls getting married here... If you can't see the video below, click on this link instead


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