Commercial, Press & PR Photographer in Co. Kerry

You've worked hard to get where you are in your business and it's high time your corporate images reflected this. If you're ready to upgrade your amateur headshots for professional ones and finally put some seriously stunning photographs into your advertisements and website, look no further.

There is no doubt you have something valuable to offer your customers. Why wouldn’t they buy from you? You have integrity in what you do, you believe in delivering high quality work and you have pride in your skills. 

So how do you communicate all of these wonderful attributes before a customer has a direct interaction with your company?

Professional photographs are the key to getting your message across every channel a potential customer faces when they aren't speaking with you or connecting with your team. From your website, social media profiles to your brochures, sales presentations and adverts, your images determine how strong and effective your market impressions really are.

If you wince every time someone views your business photographs then just imagine what your customers are thinking. 

Whether we like it or not potential customers have an unconscious bias toward what looks good. Slick, glossy, perfected images of you, your products, or your premises show you are here to stay, you take what you do seriously and are confident in what you have to offer. And when a publication would like to feature you, you won't hesitate to hand over your profile shot knowing you look like the professional that you are.

You may dread the thoughts of having your picture taken because you have never looked good in photographs?

More than likely, the reason you haven't looked great so far in your photographs is because you haven't been lit or posed in a way that flatters your best features or personality. With some helpful tips in advance of your shoot, I can create a profile shot that is slick, glossy, and a perfected image of you.

Here are a few types of commercial photography I specialise in:

  • Press & Public Relations photography
  • Professional business headshots
  • Executive and staff group photos
  • Product photography (interiors, food etc.)
  • Images for adverts, websites, newspapers
  • Store or building photos


It would be my pleasure to schedule a brief phone consultation with you to discuss your commercial photography needs and answer any questions you may have about the process or details.