Portrait Photography Voucher - A Super Christmas Gift!

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The Family Portrait Voucher

There is a pretty good chance your sister, brother, in laws or friend have been meaning to document those cute kiddie faces before they disappear, but life keeps getting in the way. By buying them the gift of a family portrait voucher you can make sure that they become more than just distant memories.

Family Portrait Voucher: €155

Pre-shoot advice on clothes, hair and make-up.

Approx 1 hour studio shoot.

2 x 12x10 inch prints chosen by the Parents.

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The Grandparents Portrait Voucher

There is a special bond that grandmothers and grandfathers have with the little ones that come through the photos I take. When children are fortunate enough to have their grandparents in their lives, it's a precious gift. I document it so you're kids will never forget.

Grandparents Portrait Voucher: €130

Pre-shoot advice on clothes if required.

Approx 45 min studio shoot.

1 x 12x10 inch print chosen by you or the Grandparents.

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