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Please take a moment to read this before working with Pauline...

How long have you been a Photographer and what qualifications do you have?

"I have been a Photographer for sixteen years, six as a press and public relations photographer and ten as a wedding and portrait photographer. The transition from one to the other was easy in some ways and not so easy in other ways. Press photography is all about waiting, waiting and some more waiting for the definitive moment to happen. This philosophy works really well at weddings. Just imagine for a second, all the moments that will happen at your wedding day, seeing your Fiance for the first time, how your friends react to your dress, your entire family together, just for you. The emotion of these scenes catch me every time and I am just glad to be in a position to document it for my clients.

Back to the not so easy part! Photographing weddings is not for the faint hearted! There is no room to mess up, regardless of time constraints or weather, which often can be an issue. From photographing many hundreds of weddings you can feel calm knowing I can deal with any location, lighting or weather issues that may happen. 

My formal qualifications are a Diploma in Photography, Kevin St. DIT. I am a licensed and insured member of the Irish Professional Photographers Association and I have received 8 Gold Awards from these guys for my wedding and portrait work. To keep my learning fresh I attend courses at home and abroad every year."

Who do you work with exactly?

"I work with wedding couples, gay wedding couples, families, businesses, models and love doing interiors!"

What sets you apart from other Photographers?

"I am laser focused on producing excellent work for you. I listen to you very carefully to make sure I am hearing who you are, and what you need from me, as your photographer. I then use my experience to produce the best possible results. In the case of weddings, this sometimes means doing some ground work in advance, like checking out the best locations for photographs. As weddings have so many elements to get right, I have an assistant who acts as my second brain and looks after anything you may need throughout the day. For portraits and indeed weddings I frequently hear the words "I hate being photographed!". In this instance, it is important for me to know if there are any angles you are not fond of being photographed at. I would always make it my priority to photograph you in such a way that your best features are highlighted"

Are your services and products affordable?

"Yes! As no one has the exact same requirements, I don't do one size fits all packages. After exploring what your needs are I give you some recommended options and a cost. As a rough guide you would expect to pay from 1,600 euros for weddings and 150 euros for portraits. There are so many possibilities it would be impossible for me to give exact costs until I tease out the options best for you."

Who do you work best with?

"Very simply, if you appreciate good photography and understand that some effort needs to be put in on your behalf too, then I am the photographer for you. This goes across the board from family portraits, commercial portraits to weddings. Nothing makes me happier when I see you connect with the photographs I take, when you walk away excited by the prospect of having your event documented. I really enjoy it when you don't always want to conform to tradition, when you are forthright in telling me your dislikes, ideas and your expectations. It's all about putting the maximum effort into the shoot from both sides to get some amazing results.

Most of the people I have met and photographed over the past 15 years have been apprehensive about being photographed by a professional. For the majority, it is not something that often happens in their lives. The process is often identified with being staged, too posed and anything but spontaneous.

You may want to be photographed naturally, but you still want to look good! Who doesn't, me included! I know you still want me to be aware of your most flattering angles even if you are being photographed naturally.

If you are like most of my clients, you may be worried that you will have to spend too much time having photographs taken, away from your guests, where the real action is. You have seen it happen before and you don't want it to happen at your wedding. I know that you are wholeheartedly appreciative that your family and friends are making a big effort to be with you. The celebratory atmosphere they create needs to be captured and is equally important to you.

I have heard some of you say how you witnessed a less than friendly photographer at another wedding, being abrupt to family members so you really want me to be respectful to your family and friends, to make the experience fun for them, as well as you.

Above all, I deeply feel your need to trust me as your Photographer, knowing that your wedding day is a one off experience. I need to understand you well enough to capture what you have asked of me. I know there will be aspects that you will find difficult to articulate, because no one can predict exactly how any day is going to be. Having a good conversation at your pre-wedding meeting puts us both on the same path to producing an album of genuine moments that reflect the fun and relaxed atmosphere of your day. One of my couples, Hanna & Ryan who came from Scotland have put it this way..."

"Pauline, we just wanted to say a huge thank you for our wedding photos. To say we are blown away by the photos is an understatement. We were all holding back tears when we first looked at them at your place and even now, a few months on, we get emotional when we watch the slide show.It's clear from your website that you are a technically excellent photographer but what has amazed us is how you have captured exactly what we wanted when we weren't quite sure ourselves! We really appreciated your time, patience and guidance in the run up to the wedding and on the day. Words cannot express how grateful we are. Thank you so much." - Hanna & Ryan Ross, Muckross Park Hotel, Killarney

Who is NOT going to benefit from working with Dennigan Photography?

"Without exception, people who feel they should have a photographer present at their wedding because that is the expected norm. You should know why you want to have someone document your wedding, what value you place on having good photographs and an idea of the style of photography you like. If I am at the end of a long list of photographers that you wish to get the cheapest option from without a conversation, then I'm not for you".

I have some difficult relationships going on in my family but I would like them to be together in the family photographs. How do you work around this?

"First of all, you and I plan the family shots you would like. We then chat about the positioning of your family members within the shot to ensure that both parties are included but not necessarily standing together. I have a way of keeping the situation bright and breezy and I can always sense that both parties are happy to have been included in the shot with no major drama involved."

How long do you keep the digital files after the event?

"I keep your files backed up indefinitely, so if you find the need to order prints or albums a few years after the event then I will have them here for you."

Do you provide images on usb disk packages?

"Yes I do. These files are always in Jpeg format and ready to print. Albums and prints can also be ordered outside of the usb disk package at any time after the event."

What kind of backup do you have, if any of your equipment malfunctions on the day?

"I carry two of every type of lens , camera and battery, in my bag and on my shoulder ready to activate at a moments notice!"

What other products/services do you provide?

"I provide custom framing, parent albums, any size print (the sky is the limit!), vouchers and engagement sessions for my wedding couples."

Do you take credit cards? Do you have a payment plan?

"Yes, I take all major credit cards and cheques. Payment plans are available to wedding couples only."

That sounds like everything I've been looking for. What happens next to get started?

"You can go to the contact page and fill out your shoot details or you can call me on 086 345 4620 (9-5.30pm). If I am available for your date, we can organise a consultation in person, here in Tralee or for my clients abroad, a Skype consultation by prior appointment at pauline.dennigan works best."

Are You Gay Wedding Friendly?

Absolutely! I really enjoy photographing gay couples on their wedding day. No major formalties, no tradition, with a lot of joy thrown into the mix. Bring it on!

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